Rep Up: Argent Crusade – Exalted!

January 1, 2009

argentWoo-hoo!  I hit Argent Crusade exalted tonight and got my epic boots: [Boots of the Neverending Path]. They look awesome!  I switched out my tabard after dinging and now I’m working on Ebon Blade exalted…about 40% to go until my epic chestpiece – ugh!



  1. Ugh, rep grinds are the worst. That’s what I hate about finishing leveling, haha. Grats!

  2. Thanks Anea!

    I’ve had some time to play due to some time off for the holidays from work. The long grind of Honored to Exalted with Wyrmrest Accord is about to begin with their tabard…it’s sooo ugly, lol.

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