Rep Up: Knights of the Ebon Blade – Exalted!

January 3, 2009

kofebI spent a lot of time the last two days in Heroic instances and a lot of time in Icecrown getting The Final Goal achievement for all of the Ebon Blade rep.  I got exalted last night after watching the most EPIC fight – our 15th try on Heroic Loken (OMG, NERFBATPLSKKTHX) all the DPS was face-planted and the Warrior Tank and Pally Healer 2 manned him from about 75% health down to nothing!  We had to reclear the instance due to respawns, but I didn’t care so much – I had the time and it was all rep to me.  Now, I have my [Darkheart Chestguard]!  Woohoo!  Just gotta find an Enchanter with Powerful Stats for it.

At the same time that I got the exalted, I got the 10 exalted reputations achievement.  Woot!

I know that I can’t continue this break-neck pace of grinding rep forever…but I’ve had a few days off work here and there due to the holidays and getting gear upgrades has been really nice.  🙂  Things will settle down soon for me, I’m sure, but until then – I’m loving me some Professor Plums!  (As an aside, if you haven’t seenJimmy the World of Warcraft Storyyet, please do…one of the best WoW videos I’ve seen in a long time.)  I’m hoping he’ll do a video for WotLK too!



  1. Thank you Alliance Girl, Apreciate all of your info. Grats of the chest..I want sooo bad for my roguey..hehee, Big txs on all your info…it really helps. Im Horrormaster Lvl 80 rogue gnome on frostmane…Come say hello sometime!!..

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