Busy Sunday

January 26, 2009

I got a lot done in good ole Azeroth last night after I got home from work.  Woot.  🙂

-Exalted with Darnassus! Been working on this for a few days and the Lunar Festival rep helped push me over the edge.  >^..^< mount ftw!   I’m going for the Ambassador title, so I have quite a ways to go – I think I’m mostly Revered with the other factions and Honored with Exodar.



-Filling Up the Barn – Wow, I have 25 mounts.  Too bad the albino drake is so hideous or I’d be working towards 50.  😛  I’d also be working toward 50 if the mounts weren’t so expensive!  I’m finally keeping a nice chunk of change around – I don’t want to spend it on mounts (usually the slow versions of the mounts) that I won’t ever ride just for the achievement.  : /

-Elder Achievements in Progress…Tonight my plan is to finish the Elders in Dungeons (stealth comes through for me again, woo hoo!) and Elders of Kalimdor achievements.  I’m olding off to do the Omen one until the guild is ready.  Yes, I know you just have to be by his body when he dies, but some of the guildies haven’t killed Omen yet and want the authentic experience.  Blizzard LOVES to make us waste our time though – took me about three hours to do the Elders of Eastern Kingdoms achievement last night.  Bleh.

-225 Fishing (I hate fishing, lol.  Most boring thing in WoW, ever….other than grinding the same dailies every single day.)
-The Northrend Gourmet – complete – Still working towards the 45 recipe achievement.
-Kick it up a Notch! – complete – Finally!  I got the one cooking daily from The Rokk that I needed, lol.  Still need a ton of recipes from Outland cooking daily though.  😦
-Punched a Murloc in the Face While Wearing a Dress! – This should totally be an achievement, IMO.  (gained about 40 points in Unarmed skill using some fugly fist weapons I got in Northrend dungeons, lol.)




  1. You aren’t kidding about the way Blizz wastes our time. I was never much for doing the festival events, but I am trying for the fishing and cooking titles. Mr. Pinchy has been very stingy and I can’t seem to fish up one of the rare fish (which I did before Wrath came along. Who knew I needed to keep it in my inventory?). I use fishing as my “alone time” and more or less become invisible in guild chat. Those last 2 achievements will give me the “Salty” title.

    The Cooking ones are more of just gathering mats and I only need 2 more recipes for the 45-recipe Northrend Cooking Gourmet (still stuck at 448 cooking though, so Fish Feast will be awhile). What is disappointing is that I have to join each BG to put down a pig. The thought of PvP just makes my skin crawl. lol

    So while people are looking for Elders in Dire Maul or Thunderbluff, I am in Terokkar looking for Highland Mixed pools. That’s one of the best things about WoW, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. 🙂

  2. Just remember that for the BG cooking achievement, all that’s needed for you is to pop in and use the feast. You can AFK out once you get credit.

  3. @Matticus/AllianceGirl:

    Thanks for the confirmation in regards to the BGs. I was hoping I could do that. 🙂 I spent waaaaay too much time fishing yesterday (worked from home due to an ice storm) and Mr. Pinchy is still being stingy. I read that the drop rate increased a bit, but apparently my server didn’t get the memo. lol I did find another book for the Higher Learning achievement (3 down, 5 to go), so that was an unexpected surprise.

    As for my cooking, I see I need to do the critter one as well. That one will be very easy to do as there are many penguins on the ice floes outside of the Tundra (where I get all my Deep Sea Monsterbelly fish).

    Thanks for the information!

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