Boome’s 75.

May 27, 2009

gnome_femalePhoto courtesy of http://www.lostonwow.com via Google Images.

Recently, I decided to level my Frost Mage, Boome, to 80. I’m not excited about the prospect of grinding the same quests and same dungeons for the third time, but I have been in love with my Mage since I made her a few years ago. She was my battleground twink…I made her to be the cutest character (of course, she used to have the pink pigtails) and have the most annoyingly sweet name (Powderpuff) as I could possibly use in order to attempt to embarass the Horde (even more) when they would get killed by her.

Eventually, I decided that I would just level her to the cap and have fun in PvE with her for awhile. After raiding with her in Kara for awhile, I realized how much I love ranged/caster DPS compared to melee. I’m not really playing my Rogue at the moment and my Priest is my raiding character – she’s been on the sidelines for a few weeks due to a break with our guild’s raiding schedule – so I felt like it was a good time to brush the dust off of the Mage off and blast some Northrend mobs in the face!


Blank So far, I’m having a great time leveling her. I’m just playing when I feel like it – definitely not power/speed leveling like I did with the Priest. Blizzard really did a great job making 70-80 an enjoyable ride (as long as you have an epic flyer for 77-80, lol) and I am loving those +10% XP heirloom shoulders again! I used them on the Priest and now the Mage. +10% doesn’t sound like a lot, but every little bit helps. I hit level 75, but haven’t had a chance to respec for Frostfire Bolt or to really play around with it much yet…but I was excited to get it.

I’ve been Frost since my first talent point years ago, so it’s all I really know when it comes to being a glass cannon, but I am thinking that my second spec will be an Arcane spec…just for giggles. I can’t wait to hit the level cap and start gearing up for raids.

She’s a lot of fun to raid with and it would be nice for me to have a nicely geared ranged DPS in case some of the up-and-coming healers want a shot at taking my spot for awhile.



  1. YAY! Love the mage and we gnome mages have to stick together. 😛 You can stay frost or respec to frostfire while you level (I still like frostfire’s animation), either one works fine. It really doesn’t make much difference until you get to 80.

    Have fun with the new site!

    • @Markus: Thanks for the tips! I love the way Arcane Barrage and Frostfire look. Can’t wait for Mirror Image!

  2. Someday I’ll level a mage. Someday…

    I agree. Range is more fun. I think it’s because you can actually see what’s going on. I can’t see when I melee. I get lost in the middle of the chaos and have no clue as to what’s going on. 😀

    • @Kyril: Mages are SUCH a blast to level. If I had to start over leveling from square one, I’d choose a Mage. 🙂

  3. Woot! Congrats! I too have suddenly taken a re-interest in my gnome mage who is now 73 (also frost!). He was shelved at WotLK for the hunter (my quest scout) and the priest (dungeon master). Now I’ve put the priest away for a little bit, and aside from a few dailies for the hunter have been trying to focus on the mage.

    You’ll have to give some perspective on a frost mage going to frostfire spec, I’d be curious about how that works out. Or maybe how frostfire works into a deep frost spec?

    • @Troutwort: Yay for Gnome Mages! I’ll have to give FFB a chance in an instance with my current spec and see how it does…a blog post about this will be incoming in the next week or so I’m sure! 😛

  4. @kyrilean: I think you hit the nail on the head. Playing a range DPS character allows you to see the fight. I have tried to play a healing toon, but I find myself dwelling on the fight and not on the health bars (which is why he is a SPriest now…lol). I could never see what was going on when I played my rogue.

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