June 1, 2009

I got these two cuties (the Mechanostrider and Mechanopeep) awhile ago, but I kinda forgot to make a post celebrating the achievements.

I’m Bayloo of Gnomeregan!  So far, I’ve completed three of the five Champion factions and I’m now officially burned out on those Argent Tournament dailies.  I’d like to complete all five, but I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon.  I really like the Argent Tournament grounds (the design of the area) and the rewards you can get if you grind out the seals.

In other belated news, I took a break from raiding for a couple of weeks and can’t honestly say that I missed it.  I mean, it’s nice to have goals and to work together with your friends to try to accomplish them, but it’s also nice to just log in when you feel like it and do whatever you want to do…or to skip logging in at all.

My guild did a FANTASTIC job in Ulduar on Thursday night.  They wound up clearing the first section of Ulduar…we finally got Razorscale and Ignis (I was at work and missed the kills, QQ) and I’m really proud of them!   It looks like my schedule is going to prevent me from going to Ulduar on Thursday for the clearing, but I will be able to be a part of the “progression team” on Fridays and try to defeat bosses that we haven’t done yet.  It’s going to be pricey and a little frustrating, but I think it will be a lot of fun and very satisfying when we succeed.

I’m looking forward to being a part of some of the guild first kills in Ulduar!



  1. Best of luck!

    And yes, I too like the Argent Tourney grounds, but I doubt I’ll finish all 5 capital cities, those quests just send you on too much of a wild goose chase.

  2. I love my Mechnopeep as well and I became a Champion of the Alliance and got Exalted with the cities (doing all the starter areas really made it easier than expected). Unfortunately, it will take forever to get any other pets or even a new mount as I only do one Tourney daily now, so only one Champion badge per day (unless I somehow get one in my Champion’s purse!)

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