Auriaya Down!

June 6, 2009


We tried pulling to a different place and changed our strat just a little bit and she went down like a chump!  Ordo-1, Crazy Cat Lady-0.  😀

I finally downloaded GuessedAbsorbs for Recount and it told me that I absorbed 3.9 million damage during last night’s raid.  Pretty freaking awesome!  It’s good to finally be able to see what type of positive impact I have on the raid.

Next challenge is going to be Thorim.  We gave him a few shots last night, without researching any of the strats or anything about the boss and from what I could tell, it’s going to be pretty tough.  I was in “the room” group and we kept dying before “the hallway” could finish whatever they were doing in there.   After some research, I think we’ll be able to take him out…just seems like a pretty complicated fight to me.



  1. YAY on downing Auriaya! The pull is the hardest thing on that fight, after that, it’s stay together, move out of void zone and she drops like a rock. Thorim is a different story. One of our 10-mans finally go him down, the other one is still working on him.

    • @Markus: It was kinda funny, we got the pull down the first night we attempted her…it was the pounce/void zones that we didn’t know about that wiped us. This time, when we engaged her, we didn’t even get any void zones – I don’t know why – but it was a lot easier, lol.

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