Weekend Auction House Success!

June 7, 2009

This weekend, my guild’s focus was on success in Ulduar (we downed Auriaya, woot!) so I had very little play time to spend doing dailies or otherwise grinding for cash.  I’m the type of player that doesn’t like her bank alt at anything lower than 5,000 gold.  Due to some recent purchases to help guildmates, my stores dropped to ~4600g which made me a sad panda.

My old ways of making gold stopped working when the economy on my server took a nose dive recently.  I was doing very well in the Infinite Dust market for a long time, but the price on the dust has dropped substantially in the last two weeks.  For a long time, I was able to list singles for between 4.5-6g per dust.  The price is now down around 3-5g per.  I decided to take a break from the ID market and try my hand at other ways of making gold.

As I play for fun and very casually (after work or on weekends), my pet peeve is to spend my limited game time farming/grinding or just signing on to do dailies.  I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make money that won’t require a ton of time invested…which has turned out to be quite the challenge.

I stumbled into nice profits this weekend.  I was refilling my personal Flask of the Frost Wyrm stores after raiding and I proc’ed a x10!  (So exciting!)   I took five of them and listed them on the AH for about 22g per flask.  They sold within minutes.  I bought a few more Frost Lotus and made some more flasks.  Listed those as singles for 22g per.  All sold within the hour.  Rinse and Repeat…500g later, someone finally started undercutting my price to 20g and I stopped selling the flasks at that point.

I could kick myself for not dabbling in the Alchemy AH market.  I power-leveled it to save myself gold on consumables and to help stock the Guild Vault with all the potiony-goodness for Ulduar raiding.  I’ve been transmuting Eternal Life to Fire every time the CD is up for a good profit, but haven’t tried selling flasks or elixirs until recently. I listed other potions like Flasks of Endless Rage, Spellpower Elixir, and Elixir of Mighty Agility & Mighty Thoughts, but they were slow to sell – even at low prices.  Here’s to (hopefully) peddling more Flasks of the Frost Wyrm for more profits!  😀



  1. You missed the grand old days (Back in Feb) when we moved to the server Boom. I was selling flasks between 40 and 70g each. For a while there it was crazy sick. Its how I got all the gold to invest in starter crafted epics and then the epic flight form so fast. It was how I was able to pay you back so fast. Recently Ive stepped back from the AH and my low gold (only 1400 EEK) is showing and starting to bug me. Although I took a gold hit becasue I bought Ula some AH epics after he hit 80 so we could get his Boomkin tookass in the raids. Lets trade tips on AH when we are on. I need to build my gold stock again.

    • @Luriann: 70g?!? Man, that’s sad. As you say, I totally missed the boat on that one. As long as I can make some kind of profit selling them, I’m happy. I did really well in the Infinite Dust market – it’s just in a lull right now. I hope it picks back up soon. 🙂 If I find something that works, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  2. Yeah, there used to be quite a boom for flasks. I don’t sell elixirs / potions / flasks any more. I just sell the weeds. While the boom days for that are gone (90g for a stack of Lichbloom), I can go into Sholozar Basin for less than an hour, come up with 11+ stacks total of Adder’s Tongue, Tiger Lily, Goldclover and Deadnettle and have all of them sold the same day. It’s also the best place I have ever found for Frost Lotus (got almost a full stack over the weekend). And don’t get me started on all the Eternal Life you end up with. I’ll usually sell one stack and convert a second stack to Eternal Fire.

    I also found the mats for Fish Feast sell for quite a bit and you get all three just from fishing in the waters of Wintergrasp (not pools, the open water). You can also occasionally find Frost Lotus nodes in WG.

    Just over the weekend with weeds and fish and a few dailies, my gold stocks went from 10,600 to over 13,000.

    • @Markus: 11+ stacks in an hour…wow! I usually try to farm for an hour and don’t come up with anything close to that kind of haul! Herbs themselves don’t sell well (except Lichbloom @ 40g/stack) and the flask market looks like it’s best on the weekend/prime time raiding nights. Eternal Fires have taken a huge dip in price from 40g to 13g…so they’re less and less profitable these days. :/

      • @Bombaloo: Well, I found the best time to pick weeds is early in the morning on the weekends. A couple of trips around the Basin and my bags are full. 🙂

        The weeds sell very quickly on my server and after a cost analysis of what it takes to make a flask and the eventual selling price, I found there was little difference between selling the flasks and selling the mats, on my server any way.

      • @Markus: Hmm, thank you for the info. 🙂 I’m three hours behind server time, so in order to pick in the early morning…it would be a VERY early morning. But, I notice that if I’m on late enough, I get a pretty good haul of herbs. 🙂

  3. Alchemy can be surprisingly profitable. My first toon did Skin/LW and really struggled to be able to afford his first mounts since I was using all my leather to make things. My second did alchemy and herbalism and was my most profitable character. I have toyed with going elixir spec because you’re not limited to how many you can make therefore possibly getting more procs, but I do get extra excited when I transmute and get a x5!!

    • @Troutwort: I love extra procs! And being elixir spec’ed is great. I still can’t believe I got a x10 proc! 😀

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