Sad Rogue is Sad

June 9, 2009


I ran a few Heroics a few weeks ago on my Rogue to finally grind the last 2400 rep I needed to get exalted with Wyrmrest.  I hadn’t played my Rogue since the changes in 3.1 and it’s now very clear how much I am TEHSUCK when I’m not told what buttons to hit in what order.

My DPS was embarassing…we’re talking 200 DPS more than the tank, embarassing.

I’ve been given some hints since then on rotation and things to look for and I’m really hoping that they improve my DPS.  Melee DPS isn’t very fun in Wrath as it is…so if I’m dead last on the meters too, well – that’s enough for me to finally just put Boomba up on the shelf for good.

It’s just kind of sad.  I’ve threatened to decommission her so many times, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  She was my first character.  She’s my favorite character.  I feel like she has a personality (I know, I know…lulz rp) and to just abandon her makes me a little sad.  But, I’m being realistic when I say that I’m 100% better on my Priest and my Mage than I’ll ever be on the Rogue in PVE.  In PVP, it’s a different story.  😉  Back in the day, she was Knight-Captain Boombastic…I still wear that title a lot because that’s the one I’m most proud of…even now.

Hmm, that gets me thinking…maybe I just need a few days of PVP goodness on her to make me remember why I love her so much, lol.



  1. You know, you say that “Melee DPS isn’t very fun in Wrath” and yet all I seem to see is Melee DPS everywhere, warriors, ret pallies, rogues, death knights, everywhere! I see way more of them than I see mages or locks. Stick with it a little bit, you might find yourself back up there. The last 25-Naxx I did had two rogues topping the meters.

    • @Troutwort: That is very interesting that you see a lot of melee DPS…there aren’t very many in PUG raid groups or even my guild raid groups. We tend to have more ranged DPS.

      • Maybe I’ll start a tally and keep count for my PUGs next week. It’ll be a little interesting, totally random, and statistically invalid, but still, just to make sure I’m not imagining the melee DPS toons I’m seeing out there.

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