My Precious…

June 14, 2009

Thanks to some wonderful, awesome, patient, generous guildies…I was finally able to make a Dark Riding Talbuk my own.  XD

I love how evil I look on him.  >:)

When I first saw this mount, I knew it wanted it for my Priest…but of course, it wasn’t available via the regular Kurenai rep grind that I could do alone.  It was a Halaa PVP mount.  Thanks in part to info I found online as well as a generous Warlock who let me commandeer his character and Hellfire it death 70+ times, I got all the Battle tokens I needed.

I moved on to grinding for the Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Sample…from here on out known as “THAT F@#KING DUST” or TFD for easy reference and to allievate some of the intense hatred I have for that drop rate.

I needed 15 Halaa Research Tokens – which cost 150 of THAT F@#KING DUST.   I’m thinking, “Ok, that’s fine – I’m level 80 and the Ogres are 65.  It shouldn’t be too bad and hey, I might even get exalted with Kurenai in the process because of the rep for killing the Ogres and the beads that drop from them as well.”  And I tra-la-la my way out to the Ogre camp and start killing…

And killing….

And killing….

And killing.

And one drops.

As I look back at the carnage, I realize that I killed every Ogre in the camp for one dust…

I let out a long ARRRRRRRRG then buckled down and spent the better part of two nights just grinding for THAT F@#KING DUST in order to buy the mount.

I now know that I’m completely spoiled by Wrath.  There aren’t any grinds like those in Burning Crusade or Vanilla WoW and it really frustrated me to go through it again, lol.  Another con to the grind is that TFD is Unique 100…meaning that you can only have 100 of it in your inventory, but guess what?  You can’t turn it in unless your faction owns Halaa.  I had to get a hit squad together to get it back from the Horde and we still had three 80s in PVP gear decimating us…I mean, it’s Halaa.  Let it go, broseph.  I just need to turn in my dust and then you can have the city right back.

It took awhile and because of the patience of some awesome guildies (and some kindness from some other Alliance members) we got the city and I turned the stack in so I could farm up another 50 dust.

I’m really glad that I stuck with it and that I got the mount.  He’s beautiful and I’m really happy to have him even after all the crap I went through to get him, lol.



  1. Ugh!
    Ive been needed a new goal for Lur and I was thinking of doing this one. Poo. Now Im not sure if I want to put in the time.

    • @Luriann: Do it! The mount is really cool. 😀 And you don’t have to be a psycho like me and grind for it hardcore until you have it. You could put in an hour here, an hour there. 😀

  2. Well crappus! Guess I should not have tossed all that dust from my bank. 😦

  3. Congrats on the mount!! She’s a beauty alright. You know going back to do that now would only leave me thinking – why did I toss out my TFD when I needed one more bag space for [Grey Weapon of Vendor Cash]??

  4. Grats on the new mount!

    I’ve got to admit, it does look pretty bad ass 😉

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