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June 29, 2009




I don’t really have much to report lately as I am playing a lot less these days.  I think it’s a combination of the heat, disinterest in raiding running rampant through the guild, my lack of any kind of desire to PUG anything, and the daunting task of gearing up my most recent level 80.   Sure, it’s A LOT easier to gear up these days than it was in TBC, but it’s still costly since I won’t be getting into Naxx10 anytime soon due to my schedule.

I kinda lost my motivation to get back into playing the AH with any kind of regularity after spending 10k gold on epic flying for my Mage and the bf’s SPriest.  I’m down to approximately 2-3k gold across all of my characters and I haven’t been this poor in a long time.  To make some easy money, I’ve been trying to honor/extinguish all of the fires for the Midsummer Festival on my Rogue, Priest, and Mage.   I got the achievement on the Rogue, then started on the Mage and only got about halfway through before I got bored with it and gave up.  I’m really glad that they give us so long for this festival because I’ll probably finish the fires off this weekend.  I’m hoping a break from all the travel time (running, flying, etc.) will be enough to get me back in the saddle to finish it off on the Mage and Priest.

I’m also anxiously awaiting the new content in Patch 3.2.  I can’t wait to get back into BGs after the changes they’re proposing.   They sound like a blast again!   My Priest’s set of PVP gear is almost complete…woot!  😀



  1. The disinterest in raiding this summer is also running through my guild. That, coupled with my lack of motivation for playing, has really cut into my WoW time. Even with patch 3.2 on the way, I think I am seeing the beginning of the end of my WoW time. We shall see. I won’t be playing at all for a few days for the July 4th holiday (another birthday..eek!) and I doubt I will miss it.

  2. It’s getting harder and harder to play every day. I’m losing interest in raiding because we’re only doing 10 mans and 25 mans is what I enjoy. I hate pugs. After leveling 3 toons to 80, the alts are losing their fun. The AH has gotten repetitive and boring. I also inadvertently started heavy competition with my experiment. 😀 And I don’t want to do the whole gearing up thing again even on my shammy.

    And I’m laughing at your 2nd possibly related post above! 😀

  3. Ah! I actually am not raiding atm, though it’s what I like the most.

    I started PvPing though, so I still find stuff to do, ha.

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