July 6, 2009

3203 DPS...I freaking LOVE arcane! 😀

I haven’t been updating much lately mainly because I’m having a blast with my newest 80 up there.  Boome is a total glass cannon…her DPS is astounding!

The meter in the picture above was from a heroic run for overall damage done.  My gear was a mish-mash of crafted epics, blue instance drops/rewards, and green/blue quest rewards.  I pulled 3200 DPS in a 5 man…SO AWESOME!  I haven’t been able to get into a 10 or 25 man OS or VoA because of my gear…no one will give me the shot, so I haven’t seen my DPS in a raid situation yet, but I can’t wait to see what I’d be doing with raid buffs!   Earlier that night, we tried for the achievement [Watch Him Die] in Heroic Azjol-Nerub and on one attempt (we were zerging the main boss, single-target DPS) I pulled 6200…I almost wept tears of joy.  Ok, that is an exaggeration, but man I was so floored!  I was wearing three greens at the time, lol.

As far as not being allowed into PUG raids, but pulling the numbers I can pull reminds me of the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”  I think it’s kinda funny that I keep getting denied because of my looks – my gear is nothing special, but I can hold my own.  I’m hit capped, I always have consumables, I know the spec and rotation…and sure I don’t have sparkly T7 or higher, but for OS and VoA, I have a strong feeling that I could hold my own.    *Shrug*  Maybe the real issue is that all the PUG Leaders are Gnomists.  Yeeeeah, I’m gonna go with that explanation.  -.-

I’m keeping my eye out for some of the BOE epics from Naxx and Ulduar, but things are slow on my server’s AH.  There are several pieces of 226 gear for 2k gold or more, which I can’t afford right now.  I started playing the AH again last night, so in a few weeks I’m hoping that my gold coffers will be full again.

In other news…

Summertime really does suck for progression in Ulduar.  I’m not sure what happened, but the participation just hasn’t been there.  I’m thinking that it’s due to the nice weather and the fact that we’re just casual and don’t require raid attendance.  I’m disappointed that we haven’t been seriously pushing in there for two weeks…I felt like we were finding a rhythm and we could’ve attempted Thorim and Iron Council…but we’ve hit a road block.  People just aren’t around and personally, it’s just too damn hot in my computer room (no AC=miserable WoWing) for me to play after about 2pm.

I decided that the best way to deal with the Summer Downtime would be to set some small in-game goals.

Gear Boome for Ulduar: Having a Disc Priest or Arcane Mage that I can bring for flexibility will be awesome.
-Make Gold: Play the AH/Maybe pick up Inscription.
-Stormwind Exalted for Boome. (7k rep left to grind)
-Ambassador title for Bayloo. (3 out of 5 reps done)
-Kurenai exalted for Boome and Bayloo (Bayloo 2k rep left, Boome 8k rep left)
-Level another alt...Shaman probably.  🙂



  1. Awesome AG! It’s good to be a mage. 🙂 Arcane spec I assume (since you mentioned arcane mage elsewhere)? Just a bit of warning when you finally get her into Ulduar, your DPS won’t be nearly as outstanding with all the movement you have to do during the fights…but it’s still a lot of fun blowing stuff up. lol!

  2. Wow, sounds like great fun! Congrats and good luck with the summer goals!

  3. I tried fire for a couple weeks here not too long ago … doing about 1800 … switched back to my arcane and did 3300 on Mal’Ganis. Yeahhhh…I’ll keep my arcane. 😀

  4. Weird you see that much of a difference. Maybe it’s my gear level (arcane scales very poorly with gear), but I tend to be 500-600 DPS higher than all the arcane mages (I’m over 4K DPS these days) with a TtW/Fire spec.

    But whatever works. 🙂 Jus’ keep killin’ dem mobs!

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