Breaks Can Be Good…

August 5, 2009

One of my favorite shots of my Rogue...

I haven’t been playing WoW due to the heat wave that swept through the Pacific Northwest.  No air conditioning + East/West facing house + two beasts of PCs + huge fish tank blocking the window + Smallish computer room = Extremely uncomfortable 100+ degree heat in the office that melts your face.

Sometimes breaks can be good, though.  I’ve realized a few things during this forced break:

I – We really, really, really need AC…stat.
II – I still prefer gaming to the crap that’s on TV these days.
III – Most of the stuff that was pissing me off about the game was due to the fact that I felt like I “had to do it” every day before I could really start playing.  Dailies for instance.
IV – I miss my guild friends MORE than I miss the game.
V – I think I miss my new alts more than my raiding 80s.
VI – I love Roman numerals – I don’t know why, but I try to use them whenever I can…because I’m a weirdo…a weirdo that was potentially a Roman in my past life.
VII – The guild will obviously not crumble or wither and die if K and I aren’t there for a few weeks. 😀

I’ve been watching weather.com recently and if it’s correct, the temps should be dropping in the next few days.  I’m really excited about Patch 3.2 – not excited at all at probably having to fix all my asploded add-ons – and can’t wait to play again.

PS – Oh yeah, before I forget – whoever decided it would be a good idea to nerf Arcane Mages needs a swift kick to the taint.  That is all.  😡



  1. No AC…eek! I don’t what I would do without AC. 🙂 I only do the cooking / fishing dailies and transmutes (almost) every day. I may have to do one more Tourney daily to get yet another pet (brings me to 62! Talk about a waste of time…lol).

    I haven’t noticed much of a difference in Mage damage except that I put Living Bomb on every freakin’ mob I can and, with my 2-pc T8 set bonus, I was outDPSing the other mages by 1000 on some fights as frostfire. It’s nice appearing near the top of the meters again.

    I have been spending less and less time on WoW as a rift is forming in the guild. We have one 10-man group that has progressed much further into Ulduar than anyone in the guild. What is causing the rift is the following:

    1) This group will generally save 10-15 players to their run during the week as they pick whoever they need to achieve their goals. This leaves very few mains and undergeared alts for a second 10-man group.

    2) If the group leader decides not to run that week, his usual members still won’t run with another group, just in case they end up running that week.

    3) They won’t bring along one or two lesser geared players to help gear them up. They have even gone so far to schedule “Hardcore Mode Only” raids. Talk about alienating the rest of the guild.

    Part of the problem getting a second 10-man is the summer, but with the attitude of the first group, it doesn’t matter. Any time a second group actually does form, it’s normally missing a DK, pally and/or priest. It’s no wonder they get stuck doing the same bosses each week and failing on Kologarn and Auriaya.

    What really rankles me is how that group doesn’t care as long as they get the achievements and gear. It’s the “too bad for the rest of the guild” attitude that really rankles me.

    * rant off *

    In any event, I am enjoying my time away from the game and wonder of wonders, I’ve started up dating again! LOL! No purple pixel can measure up to that.

    Get that AC!

    • @Markus: I grew up with AC so I am spoiled by it. I don’t think that we’ll be able to afford AC this summer – and summer only has this month and half of next month (hopefully) that we’ll have to suffer through. I hate not having it – it’s absolutely dreadful. 😦 Just need to come into money somehow, lol.

      Summer is a guild killer for sure…people are out and about – enjoying the sun and the weather and not caring about WoW. I’ve missed it, but then the first time I raided again I was annoyed, so I guess I really don’t need to raid anymore. I’m thinking about going on a BG binge…might be fun since I enjoy the BGs on all three characters.

      Good luck with RL and dating! You’re right – pixels ain’t got nothin’ on that. 🙂

  2. WOW! I must be really upset. I actually used the word “rankles” twice in one of the last paragraphs. LOL!

    • Rankles = awesome word. 🙂

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