I just can’t bring myself…

August 14, 2009

to profit from being such a douchebag.

Screenshot: Obsidian Hatchlings listed on AH for 155-185g.

I’m warning you guys now that I actually stopped in the middle of playing to throw this post together.  It’s a rant and probably won’t make much sense.

Ok, that said…

The screenshot shows MULTIPLE listings of Obsidian Hatchlings for between 155-185g each.

Something similar to the situation above seems to happen every time a new cool item is introduced to the game that you can just buy out right.  Or not even a cool item, people still try to sell Eternium Thread on the AH when you can buy it from the tailoring suppliers.  *eyeroll*

The Obsidian Hatchlings featured above in the AH can be purchased for 40g from a vendor in Dalaran.

That’s right,  folks.  You can just go buy one of your own.  It really pisses me off that people try to take advantage of other players by doing stuff like this.  The worst part of it for me is knowing that they are probably making a killing selling these pets on the AH.   I just can’t even imagine that someone could list them on the AH and have a clear conscious.

I’m about 1500g away from the Motorbike I’ve been farming and saving for…knowing that and how I am scrambling to farm and sell anything I can for profit to get the last little bit done, I STILL couldn’t do something like that to my fellow WoW players.

I swear this game brings out the worst in human nature at times – or maybe, it just amplifies what’s already there.

GG Douchebags, hope the gold makes up for that fact that you’re awful people.  ^_^



  1. I’m ashamed to admit that the reason I don’t do this isn’t because of being a douchebag, but more because I think people are smarter than that.

    I have to agree that it is a rather crappy thing to do to someone, but I also have a hard time feeling bad for anyone that buys one either. I suppose I feel bad for the true newbies. The guy that just started playing a month ago and still doesn’t know what WoWHead is. But the guy that’s played for a year and hasn’t figured it out, especially if they have a level 80…

  2. Just because the people buying the items don’t realize they’re getting screwed over, doesn’t make it any less distasteful to me. It’s certainly within the rules and I know a lot of people find playing the AH to be a fun game within the game .. I’m just not one of them.

    I didn’t even sell the hatchlings from my Oracle eggs until I had passed some out to all of my friends. The smiles and hugs were worth far more than the gold each pet would have brought.

  3. Good post about the AH and putting items up you can get from any vendor. 😀 My beef lately has been some of the mats like Saronite Bars that you can sell (stack of 20) to a vendor for 25g are in the AH for 23g and 24g. :eyeroll: dumb people. i just buy it up and go right over to the vendor and sell it to them :D.

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