Short Order Cook

August 18, 2009


I was so annoyed when I bought all those Northern Spices right before they announced the addition of the Chef’s Hat.  I’ve been grinding the cooking dailies (and now Fishing dailies +5 awards for Waterlogged Recipe=WIN!) for a long time to get the 100 required for the hat.

The hat itself is adorable.
The hat on my head looks silly because it’s screws up my hair, as all hats do.  😦

I have to admit, cooking at the speed of light is so fun!



  1. I saw a video on how fast things get cooked with the hat. Looks awesome!


  2. I was fortunate to get my Chef’s Hat the day it came out. Cooking at the speed of light now makes it all worthwhile! of course it does look good on my gnome. *lol*

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