I’m on a bike AND it’s riding fast AND…

August 26, 2009

So, I finally made up my mind to give the bike to the Gnome Mage, and I think I made a good decision.  It’s really cute to see her driving it, but she can’t even see over the handlebars!  I can’t even remember how long I’ve been back and forth on getting the bike vs. not spending all that money for one mount…last night I got tired of the indecision and just went with it.

I spent about an hour just giving people rides in the side-car in circles around Dalaran.  It was SO fun.

The only thing that really disappoints about the bike is that it’s not a Bind on Account item – the “repair” mammoth and this bike should be BoA with a level requirement so you can enjoy them on all of your 80 characters of the same faction on the same realm.  I think my Priest and Rogue are conspiring against the Mage to get the bike.  -.-

WTB [Blue and Yellow Streamers of Awesomeness] for handlebars, PST.



  1. Nothing personal, and i’m sure riding the thing is fun, but gnomes look pretty silly on bikes. Even if another gnome stood on your shoulders you’d still not be able to reach teh handle bars.

    Glad you’re enjoying your new toy though.

    • I know what you mean. It does look silly, and from the back you can only see the very tips of her pigtails, lol.

  2. Nice ride! How much gold did it set you back? Did someone make it for you?

    Gnomes on any mounts look out of proportion, except their own. I have yet to be able to see over my Talibuk or Elekk’s head and don’t get me started about how we look on proto-drakes. 🙂 I feel I could sneak into anywhere on a proto-drake since it looks like it doesn’t have a rider. lol

    • 12 Titansteel Bars (@ ~100-135g per)
      2 Arctic Fur (@ ~50g per)
      40 Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts (About 40g)
      12.5k gold in vendor-bought parts

      Wow, now that I look at it – what the HELL possessed me to spend that much money on one mount – and not even give it to the character with 50+ mounts for the achievement? LOL!

      The Guild Engineer made it for me – when people ask I am to say, “This is a Derg’s Customs Chopper.” 🙂

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