On Wings of Nether

September 14, 2009

From time to time, I see people on Netherdrakes soaring gracefully through the cold Northrend skies and I can’t help but feel a little pang of jealousy and regret.  If I hadn’t spent my time leveling four characters to 70, I could’ve concentrated on getting epic flying and exalted with Netherwing back in the days of Burning Crusade.

Then I realized that I was being dumb.  Why couldn’t I just grind for it now?  I’ve always wanted a Netherdrake and I’m a big, bad 80 now…a big, bad 80 who can’t raid on Thursdays due to her work schedule.  So, with some extra time on my hands and my goal to procure a drake set in my mind, I set out to Netherwing Ledge.

This grind is still a grind…even at 80.  The dailies only award between 4 and 8g (so definitely not as lucrative as Northrend dailies) but they award a lot of rep which makes the grind a lot more tolerable once you pass over into Revered status.

I had this silly idea in my mind that I would “just farm for eggs, I doubt many people will be worrying about netherdrakes like I am…I’ll probably have the place to myself most of the time.”  Not really the case.  I was able to find 32 eggs over the last two weeks, which helped with the grind A TON!  I saved all of my eggs and waited until I had done enough dailies so that I could just turn in my stack of eggs and be exalted.  I found a few of my eggs (about 3) above ground, I got 5 that dropped off of mobs I killed, and the rest I farmed in the mines.  It can get really frustrating just running around in the mine not finding anything, so I only let myself search for 30 mins or less (the cooldown timer on my hearthstone, usually) so I wouldn’t get burned out.

The grind was totally worth it.  😉  I love my new flying mount.  I plan on buying the rest of the colors (200g per drake) when I get home tonight.  Maybe I will be able to get the 100 mount achievement after all!

Currently, I’m sitting at 65/100 mounts.  I haven’t bought any of the Tournament mounts or the mounts that cost over 1k gold (Armored Blue Gryphon, Repair Mammoth, Cenarion Hippogryph, Red Drake, etc.) and I don’t have the Bronze Drake from Timed H-CoT or the Turtle yet either.


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