He’s FINALLY Mine!

September 20, 2009

I’m so happy.

Is it really true?  Did I finally get a bear?!  I’ve been doing the daily in Brunnhildar Village almost every day on each of my 80s as soon as I opened up the daily for each of them (read: months and months ago) and now…I finally have an awesome Iorek Byrnison of my very own!

(I’m in the process of reading The Amber Spyglass and am totally in love with the “His Dark Materials” series, don’t mind me.  XD)

I’m so happy and excited!  I’ve wanted this bear for a VERY LONG time and I was LUCKY enough to get him on the character that actually has a shot at the 100 mount achievement.




  1. WOOT! That’s great! I don’t do those dailies very often as I only care to beat on the prisoners. *laugh* I wouldn’t mind that one as well as the turtle mount (silly thing never drops for me *pout* It should be a 100% drop once you get the “Salty” title. lol).

    Enjoy the ride! 🙂

  2. Wow, good post. I just found your blog and I am already a fan. :]

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