Brewfest, 75 Pets, and a UI Post to Come…

September 24, 2009

So, let’s see – what’s new in the World (of Warcraft) for me lately?


The last holiday event that I need for my Violet Proto-Drake.  I’m not thrilled about getting it on a character that I don’t really play anymore, but it’s still a FREE 310% flying mount!   My server was one of the “affected” by the [Defending Against the Dark Iron] problems.

I love how people immediately said, “ZOMG it’s not broken you f–king nubs, just spam the button!  It’s almost unbelieveable how much FAIL is in this gaming community…it’s one f–king button!” Now, I’m all about the “fail craze” myself.  I think it’s hilarious and leet speak-ish and funny when used in moderation, but this time it wasn’t fail…it was a broken mechanic.   So, before shouting “FAIL FAILERRIFIC FAILTASTIC FAILERS” – you may want consider that it could actually be broken.

Ok,  all that said…it’s fixed now, so I was finally able to get my daily tokens for defending starting yesterday.  I’m at 221, and I need 350, so it will be awhile.  I will be SO FREAKING HAPPY that I won’t have to “grind” any more holidays…I will just be able to enjoy them for what they are.  I still feel really bad that K didn’t get a toothpick last year and that’s the ONLY achievement he’s missing in order to get his drake too.  Then again, he’s a little too manly to ride a pink drake anyway.  😉  I hope he gets his red one soon or the green Oracle one, soon!

75 Pets:  Lil Fawn’s Salt Lick

I got my 75th pet when a guildie of mine gifted a Black Tabby to me that he farmed on his Death Knight.  I still have all the tournament pets I could get and if I can get enough tokens, I’ll get the pink elekk pet from Brewfest too.  I’ve been a few pets away from the fawn for months now, but didn’t feel the urge to get the rest of the pets because the fawn was kinda underwhelming.  It’s cute and all, but skunks and fawns are all over the place…I was hoping for something more rare/more special (like the Rocket Chicken from the Warcraft TCG) or one of the murlocs (like they give away for BlizzCon).

Ulduar as DPS

I finally got a shoulder upgrade for my Mage.  I was wearing a [Miasma Mantle] from Grobbulus in Naxx and now I’m wearing [Mantle of the Preserver].

I look like a hot mess…all that mismatched gear!  I look like a box of Crayola threw up on me or that I raided the closet of some uber raider’s gear that she’s replaced with better upgrades. Hopefully, I’ll be getting some matching pieces soon.  I have 49 badges…9 more until I can upgrade my robe from Tier 7 to the Conquest badge version.  🙂  But it won’t be a robe – it’s a freaking tunic.  I think you should always have your choice between a robe and a tunic with exactly the same stats.*

And while we’re on the subject of gear/upgrades for the Mage…I’d really, really, like to get rid of the last few blues that I have:

Trinket: [Mark of the War Prisoner]
Off-hand: [Telestra’s Journal]
Ring: [Globule Signet]

I guess I need to scout where I can get some epic upgrades easily.

*I’m a firm believer that Mages should wear robes, but I know there are some male Mages that QQ about having to wear “dresses”.  Speaking of which…


One comment

  1. Ugh, I know what you mean on getting the drake on a toon you don’t really play. Not only is my hunter mostly abandoned, but she’s not even on the same faction that I’m playing the most of these days. Still, she’s my oldest toon and the one with the most achievements, and I’m pretty excited to be getting it soon.

    I totally agree on the robe/tunic thing. My mages are both males, and they *hate* wearing a tunic. Robes just scream caster.

    And .. while I’m here, I think I’ll just watch Big Blue Dress again for the 53895262973rd time. It never gets old. 😀

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