New UI Post

September 24, 2009

Mage and Priest UIs

I was tinkering with my UI a little bit over the weekend.  The one featured below is my Mage’s UI.  It’s probably hard to see at this size, but a few parts of my UI are animated.  The map in the corner moves and glows at different intensities (SexyMap), the portraits in the health bars (Pitbull) are animated, they move in and out and forward and back.  And when I get a Missile Barrage proc, I have a big white runic circle that surrounds my character (Power Auras).  The UI looks different when I’m in combat, but here’s an idle screenshot  just to get an idea of my layout.  I love having so much free space at the top of the screen to see the fight.  😀

And here are the names of my add-ons in case any of my three readers are interested.  🙂

  • Buffalo: Buffs and Debuffs.  Debuffs show up large on the right hand side of the screen in two colums below the map.
  • SexyMap: Animated, glowly, smexyness.  You can’t get the full effect unless you can see the animations that go along with it.  I’m a square to circle map convert.
  • EEPanels: Blocks that you can create wherever your heart so desires on your screen.  Makes it easier to see my buttons/bars/chat.
  • Pitbull: Highly Customizable Unit Frames.  Love them.
  • Bartender: Button mod like Dominos.  Very easy to set up and use.  Couldn’t play without them.
  • EzCastBar: I probably have the name of this mod wrong.  -.-  I know I type /ecb and it brings the menu up for the cast bar.
  • Skada: One of my newest and most favorite mods – it’s Omen, Recount, RecountAbsorbs, and Failbot all in one.  TNH (The New Hotness)

Not pictured:

  • Power Auras: If your class has a proc’ed ability, an ability timer that you need to watch for, a cooldown that you want to monitor, a warning for low health or mana, or if you play Warcraft – this mod is for you.  Another new comer to my UI and something that has easily increased by DPS.  It is a little difficult to configure, but luckily, there is an excellent tutorial on YouTube that will instruct you in an awesome accent how to set it all up.  (Video Below.)
  • Need to Know: Amazing little mod, extremely easy to set up, times abilities/cooldowns.
  • Grid: I don’t think I can play without this mod either…especially on my healer.  It’s a gorgeous (although kinda clunky to set up) party bar mod that squeezes all of your party/raid/battleground chronies into a block that is easy to click on to heal.  It also minimizes the party bars for my Rogue and Mage so I have more screen real estate and can see where the fire is so I don’t stand in it.  😛



  1. As one of your 3 readers…thanks for your UI. 🙂

    Here is a link to a picture of mine. Once I am in combat, Omen shows up in the bottom right.

    I will have to look into a couple of your mods, assuming I keep playing this game. My current subscription runs out on Christmas Eve and I am not sure I will be renewing it. We shall see…

  2. Doh…try this link


  3. Thanks Boom. My UI looks like I threw a bunch of crap at the screen… the window where I actually see what’s going on in the game world is the size of a postage stamp… I need to simplify and your post may just be the incentive I need.

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