What a long, strange trip…

September 28, 2009

And thus concludes “grinding” for holiday achievements.  Hallelujah!

I’m happy that I stuck with the achievements to get the drake, but I really can’t express how glad I am that it’s over.  Two of the worst Metas to get done were the Valentine’s Day crap and the Hallow’s End stuff.  Logging in every hour to MAYBE get what you need was ridiculous…especially for those of us who have full-time jobs or lives outside of Azeroth and can’t play all the time.

I realize that Blizzard didn’t want to make the drake easy for everyone to get, but relying on the RNG is not my idea of fun.  Not to sound like I’m nerd raging or that I hate the game (clearly, I love it…I mean, I’m blogging about it!) but there were times during those two holidays that I just wanted to stop playing the game.   I’ve always said – “when the game stops being fun, that’s when I’ll stop playing”…and logging in every hour every single time I wasn’t at work was really annoying and inconvenient.  I’ve always enjoyed the holidays in Warcraft.  Before the drake, I would stop whatever I was doing to work on them so I could get the cute outfits or the pets or whatever the reward was…now I can just go back to enjoying them instead of feeling like I HAD to do them.

As a side note, I rather like the sound of Brewmaster…I think I’ll probably be wearing that title for awhile.  🙂

That’s just a funny screenshot of my screen when I’m totally drunk, with my settings turned all the way down, and zoomed all the way out.



  1. Awesome looking proto-drake! Wish I had one.

    Brewmaster Boombaloo? Sounds good, but being a brewmaster is so passe these days 🙂

    Gobble gobble.

  2. Yeah, I got my proto drake the third day of brewfest. :)Finally glad to be done with it!

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