Heroic Halls of Reflection

December 10, 2009

  • 6 hours split between 2 days.
  • 19 Runic Healing potions.
  • 20 Runic Mana potions.
  • 24 Firecracker Salmon.
  • 125 gold in repairs.
  • Beating the instance with an all guild group….PRICELESS!

This was one of the hardest new heroics I’ve ever done.  It reminds me of how hard Heroic Halls of Lightning was when we first tried it.

Go Ordo!!


One comment

  1. Surviving the encounter with the Lich King is a real challenge, but the two previous bosses are not easy to beat…
    Until now, I just survived half the way when the Lich King caught me!

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