Glory of the Hero!

January 16, 2010

I finally got it!

[Glory of the Hero] was a background achievement I was working on with the Priest.  The journey to my red proto started with [Oh Novos!] on March 11, 2009 – the same day I hit 80 with the character.  The majority of the achievements that I have were done with all guild groups.  There were a few “lucky” ones that I got with pugs like [Volazj’s Quick Demise] and [King’s Bane], but normally when that “BWONG!!” sound and achievement box was popping up on my screen, I had four Ordonians standing beside me.  🙂   Friday night, with the help of some awesome guildies (thanks again, guys!) I was able to do Heroic Oculus and complete the last three achievements I needed… [Ruby Void], [Emerald Void], and [Experience Drake Rider – Amber].

I’d have to say that the toughest achievements for me were: [Watch Him Die], [Less-Rabi], [Make it Count], and in a way, [Volazj’s Quick Demise]…and in that order.

[Watch Him Die]
My gear has come a LONG way FAST since completing this one on 9/18…we could probably do it now with little issue.  But back when we got this achievement, it was INTENSE!  On both tries, four of us were dead and the fifth person’s mirror images or dots or whatever finished off the boss before the boss could kill them. This was the biggest challenge for me and it was a BLAST!  Free action potions are GREAT here…no webbing ftw!

This one was ALL about timing.  You couldn’t count on Vent or Warcraft to be accurate, so everyone in your group had to count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Counterspell in their heads.  This took awhile because we needed the right group composition and everyone in the group to understand what to do to stop him from turning into a mammoth.

[Make it Count]
Sadly, easy now – back before all the gear upgrades and Oculus nerfs, not so much.  Basic strat – don’t pull too many dragons, know the correct path to follow and blow cooldowns any and every time they’re up.

[Volazj’s Quick Demise]
This one proved difficult for me, as a Disc Priest with no back-up Shadow spec (because I’m stubborn about it.  I have a Rogue and a Mage, my healer doesn’t get a dps spec!) because I just didn’t quite have the OOMPF! needed to kill the images quick enough.  The try that I got this achievement, I had a VERY well-geared PUG tank who told me not to heal him (scary, I know!) and go all out dps on the adds and boss whenever possible.  He said he could save himself and he did.  Go Go DPS Disc Priest, lol!

I was still using a vendor purchased epic flying mount because I knew one day I’d have a proto.  Now I get to farm for herbs in style.  🙂



  1. Gratz! 😀

  2. Grats!!
    Now you just need yourself a rusted or ironbound. 😀

    I lost yer email addy, drop me a linezor.

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