March 3, 2010

My Druid is finally 80!

She’s been sitting idle in her 70s for quite awhile because I was just unable to gather the motivation to level her.  I’ve already done the Triumph gear grind on three other 80s and I wasn’t looking forward to starting over again on the bear.  Aside from that, I couldn’t decide what I was going to do with her once she hit 80 anyway.  I already have a ranged dps (mage), melee dps (rogue), and healer (priest), so the only real option without overlapping would be to keep her as a tank.

I’ve found that tanking can be a lot of fun.  I’ve also found that it can suck frozen orbs, too.  It all depends on the other people in the party and their ability/inability to focus fire.  I try not to be a lazy tank – I’m tabbing through targets to make sure that I’m #1 on Omen by a fair amount, I’m taunting if a mob pulls off, I’m paying attention to my positioning and everyone in the group’s whereabouts…but sometimes it’s just not enough.

For example, I ran a regular random Northrend dungeon last night for the Triumph badges.  It was me, a 79 resto druid, and three 80 DPS.  I figure I was totally boned on trying to keep aggro from any of them, but I tried my hardest.  Only one of them was actually trying not to pull off of me and the whole experience was TANKING HELL.  I had to remind the ret pally several times (and in increasingly abrupt ways) that I was not 80…only 79 – look at my character portrait on your screen, I’m not lyin’!, that I needed him to attack the target with the skull if I was going to have ANY chance in keeping aggro off of him, and to stop rushing me/condescending me/Caps Locking me (oh yeah, I verbed it) various comments.  I was nervous enough as it was!  All in all, we defeated Loken, I looted his tongue (gross!) and everyone went on their merry way…but I felt like I was sitting at a crossroads.  I was kinda pissed and nervewracked with tanking and felt that if I let it get to me, I may never want to tank again.  I had to pep talk myself into letting it go and shifting back into bear.

I jumped back into the dungeon finder with 1/2 of my XP bar until 80 and wound up tanking Gundrak, Halls of Stone (the Brann part is a P I T A!!), and Culling of Stratholme.  Everything went smoothly and I had a good time.  🙂  I’m gonna keep giving tanking a shot and see where it takes me.  It’s pretty far outside of my comfort zone, but I think I will feel pretty good if I am a good enough tank to tackle heroics.  That’s all I really want…oh and maybe tanking Ony’s whelps once or twice for a shot at the moose ears…. M O O S E!!!


One comment

  1. Druid tanking is a lot of fun!

    Have you tanked a guildie run yet? If you haven’t you will love it. People will actually listen and help you rather than try to show that their E-P is bigger.

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