July 27, 2012

The pandas are coming!  The pandas are coming! 


I can’t wait for the new expansion to hit.  I’m really hoping that it will get me and my guildies playing again.  I’ve been trying to sign in more regularly recently, but I find that standing around in Stormwind waiting for my battleground queue to pop is more annoying than enjoyable and after a single BG, I normally sign off and go watch TV.  I miss the days of logging into a guild roster full of activity and I’m really hoping those glory days will come back with the new game.

I played the beta for one day…long enough to get my panda out of the starting zone and then gave up on it so I wouldn’t spoil my experience when the expansion came out.  I’ve heard there’s lots to see and do, so maybe I should give it another shot.  I’ve been completely out of the WoW loop for so long…I don’t even know what’s in the Beta or really what to expect in MoP.  I’ve always played the wait-and-see-and-be-surprised game with WoW expansions though.  😛

I’m really happy to hear that I only have a few more months to wait until the new game is released!  I can’t wait for new quests and to be a panda, finally!


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