Bayloo: 80 Priest


Name and Title: Bayloo of the Exodar (aka My Holy Mage!)
Spec and Class:
Discipline Priest
Three words to describe Bayloo’s “personality”:
Helpful, Impatient, Precise
Favorite Quest:
The Kessel Run
Favorite Spell: Penance

Fun Facts:
I’ve always wanted to play a healing class, but was completely unmotivated to level one for a long time because of how slow they were to solo.  When I would think about what type of healer I wanted to play, it was always a Priest.  When Draenei came with Burning Crusade, I just couldn’t deny my urge to play a healer any longer.  Bayloo was my second level 80 and currently my raiding character.  She was the first character of mine to obtain a Time Lost Drake from Timed CoT and a character that I push myself with each and every raid.  I try to find ways to do things better, faster, and with less mana…she’s my challenge and a character that I really love because of that.  I am NOT into theorycrafting on any of my characters and really hate the math side of WoW, but I don’t mind trying to figure things out with her because I want to be the best Disc Priest that I can possibly be.  It’s a frustrating road, but so far I’m enjoying it far more than I ever thought I would.


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