Boomba: 80 Rogue

boomblogName and Title: Knight-Captain Boomba
Class and Spec: Rogue, Assassination Daggers
Three words to describe your character’s “personality”: Clumsy, Fun, Piratey!
Favorite NPC: Highlord Bolvar Fordragon – For the Alliance!
Favorite City: Dalaran, but my true home will always be Stormwind.

Fun Facts:
Boomba was my first Warcraft character. She was my first character to 60, first to 70, and first to 80.  I definitely enjoy playing her more in PVP than in PVE, due to the fact that I’ve never been very good at melee PVE.  Currently, she’s my go-to character for a lot of different things.  Like a true Rogue, she is handy at a lot of skills that my other characters never bothered to learn.  She’s my Chef and my Fisherperson – my material farmer and my just-standing-around-in-Dalaran-chatting person.  She has freckles and violet eyes, a love for Mega Mammoth Meal and cold weather destinations.  Oh, and did I mention that she’s a totally lethal member of SI:7?


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