Boome: 80 Mage


Name and Title: Master Sergeant Boome
Spec and Class:
Frost Mage (Update: Now Arcane!)
Three words to describe your character’s “personality”: Silly, Cuddly, Dangerous!
Favorite Instance: Shadow Labyrinth
Favorite Zone: Netherstorm

Fun Facts:
Boome has gone through a lot of changes since I made her years ago.  She used to have those big bushy pink pigtails and her name used to be Powderpuff.  She was my level 19 and 29 battleground twink.  I tried to make her look as cute as possible and have a sickeningly sweet name so I could attempt to embarass the Horde when they would meet their end from my adorable little frostbolts or my water elemental, Phillip.  I believe that I was made to play caster DPS.  I love standing back and slinging magic through the air at the enemy.  I love being able to polymorph, AOE, and generally just be a glass cannon.  Boome is on her way to 80 and I am getting really excited for the day that she is geared enough to put up some nice numbers in raids.  I think I am truly a DPS’er at heart and I will love being able to choose between Healing or DPS once she is geared.


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